Thank you Rogers Citizens for Voting FOR the 2003 Bond Issue.

There were seven issues on the ballot dealing with the refinance of the 1993, and 1996 bond issues, as well as issues for streets, fire, police, parks & senior center, and library.

“The Significant Seven”

  1. Refund (Payoff) the 1993 bond issue. This current debt retires in 2011 and requires approximately $720,000 per year of county sales tax revenue, which could be used in the general fund.  PASSED

  2. Refund (Payoff) the 1996 bond issue. This current debt retires in 2004-05 and is paid from revenues from the penny sales tax approved in 1996. (This is the sales tax we are asking you to extend for purposes of making this strategy possible.)  PASSED

  3. Streets/Transportation. $45 million for improvements to several streets, overlay programs, and new sidewalks in several areas. Much of the 1996 bond issue addressed streets in central portions of Rogers. As the city expands, we desperately need to improve key mobility corridors to avoid gridlock circumstances. PASSED

    The 2003 Bond money is to be used for streets, drainage, sidewalks and greenspace trail construction. This issue will allow for the street and drainage infrastructure to encompass the City of Rogers with greater E-W, and N-S Road access and giving the motoring public greater ability to reach all areas of the City of Rogers with greater safety.......Maurice Kolman, Director of Transportation & Planning

  4. Parks/Wellness. $4 million for park land acquisition and improvements to existing parks. Another $4 million to build and equip a much-needed adult wellness facility.  PASSED

    The Rogers Parks System stands to benefit significantly from passage of the 2003 Bond Issue. First, money will be set aside for some much-needed improvements to existing parks. Among the scheduled improvements are improved parking, lighting, fencing, etc. for Northwest Park, Veterans Park, Lake Atalanta, Dock Wheeler Park, and Foerster Park. Additionally, funds are set aside for the acquisition of new park land in strategic areas of the city for the purpose of future park development.......Jim Welch, Director Parks & Recreation

  5. Fire and EMS. $4 million to build fire substations 7 and 8, vehicles and equipment, and communications equipment for better emergency response to rapidly expanding areas of Rogers.  PASSED

    The proposed bond projects for the Rogers Fire Department are two new fire substations and upgrades to our aging communication system. As we are aware the growth of Rogers continues to the southwest and growth to the southeast is coming soon. After completing an area survey of fire load potential and geographical concerns it is apparent that we need one substation in the extreme southwest region of our city in the area of Haxton and Rainbow road area. To the southeast another substation is needed in that region of our city near south First Street and Post Road. Both Station will house an ambulance and a fire engine. These stations have a service area of 1.5 miles in any direction which will enhance our fire protection and medical service to our citizens. The Rogers Fire Department would be able to improve our outstanding service.

    The communication system we are currently using is approximately twenty years old. There has been tremendous improvements in this field since that time. Communications are the life line of any emergency service's ability to provide protection to our citizens. We are currently in need of a communication system that would allow fire personnel to police personnel on large incidents in the city. This is a brief summary on the impact that the bond issue has on the Rogers Fire Department and our ability to serve our citizens. If you have any additional questions please call my office or e-mail. Thank You for your continued support........
    Chief Wesley Lewis, Rogers Fire Department 

  6. Library. $2 million for an expansion to the popular Rogers Public Library including necessary furnishings.  PASSED

    Rogers Public Library is requesting the voters to support the bond issue to expand the Library. If passed the Library will be able to add 8,000 to 12,000 square feet of space to the current building and increase parking. Additional space will allow the Children's Library to increase in size to provide additional seating, shelving, and possibly room for new computers.

    Additional space will also allow the Library to designate a young adult section for shelving and seating. Currently there is very limited young adult shelving area and no designated area for recreation reading or study. Space will also be allocated for additional adult shelving and will give the Library the ability to look at adding new types of materials and more technology without discontinuing any of the existing materials or services.

    Some of the space will be used for staff work areas. This will allow staff more room to meet the growing needs of the community and more efficient workroom space to make materials available to the public more rapidly.  If funds allow the Library will also use bond money to help purchase shelving and furniture for the new areas........
    Judy Casey, Director Rogers Public Library

  7. Law Enforcement. $1.5 million for vehicles and communications services to replace an aging fleet and outdated and under-performing radio systems.  PASSED

    Note: The dollar figures above reflect “net” amounts available for said purposes

For more information:
Committee for the Future of Rogers, Reece Garner Chairman
Mayor’s Office 621-1117
Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce 636-1240
Benton County Clerk 271-1013
Where to Vote? 271-5703

Paid for by the Committee for the Future of Rogers
Reece Garner, Chairman